“So, What’s Next?”

Slipped into my blue gown, throwing my cap in the air. But when it comes back down, it’s a pile of paper there, In a bowl labeled, “What will you do?” And my response is: “Am I having a midlife crisis at 22?”   I don’t know what I’m doing, yet now I have a... Continue Reading →


How to Save the Earth on a Budget

This list is for everyone who wants easy ways to become more eco-friendly in their daily life or to anyone wanting to learn how easy it is to join the green movement. This movement isn't just for the vegan hipsters who eat kale for breakfast, but for everyone! And you definitely don't need to be... Continue Reading →

Melanin: A Spectrum of Representation

Despite progress, the majority of the world still views light skin as better in many ways. We must stand together to encourage self-confidence and discourage racism that our darker skinned brothers and sisters deal with. Here are 3 intimate interviews to help us see the struggles that come with more melanin in the skin.

I Guess Rape Was Her Fault

You’re in a warm car on a rainy day with your dad’s coworker. They said they could take you home from a gathering you were both at. This is by no means the first time you’ve seen them- in fact, they’ve been over for several family dinners. So, you willingly go with them. Conversation is... Continue Reading →

Identity Crisis of a 1st Generation American

Have you ever had the feeling that you don’t belong? I’m not talking about the lonely-Disney-princess extreme, but that the people in your life can only understand parts of you. That’s generally how it feels being a first generation American. Most of us first generationers have experienced the following scenario: “Hey…Where are you from?” “Texas,”... Continue Reading →

Not Ashamed of My Period

Don't talk about your period in front of men. It's impolite and gross. Whisper when you need a pad from a friend at work. Feel mortified when a tampon falls out of your bag in a public place. Not anymore. Why should a woman feel ashamed for something that helps create the human race? I'm not ashamed of my period.

How to Stay in the Present Moment

With the impending doom- excuse me, I mean to say excitement- of graduation in just a year, I’m thinking more and more about my future. But, it’s gotten to the point where instead of productively thinking of all the exciting options I could have in store for me, I stress about how I don’t know... Continue Reading →

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